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Dynisco: A Bird’s Eye View for Overall Plastic Manufacturing Processes

Top 10 Best Plastic Tech Service Companies - 2021

Expanding plastic usage in the construction, automotive, and electrical sectors is currently adding to the already rising demand for plastics. Particularly with the directions to control gross vehicle weight for fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, plastic is fast becoming an alternative to metals. Furthermore, stringent compliance procedures regarding exhaustion and recyclability of traditional materials, such as metal and wood, are anticipated to drive greater demand for plastic from the construction and automotive segments.

Subsequently, we are now seeing rapid digitalization in the plastic manufacturing field. And it’s happening due to two primary reasons; first, to increase the quality of the plastic materials and second, to reduce the chances of plastic pollution and make it an ecologically viable option. From 3D printing to injection molding, a plethora of new approaches are bolstering the plastic manufaturing processes in this regard. Another fascinating development comes from the exciting world of bioplastics. Scientists at the Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania have created a biodegradable plastic that can decompose within a compost bin in two years. Once it is made public, applications of this material include use as safer single-use packaging for goods, replacements for plastic shopping bags and storage bags, and more.

Amid such trends making a wave in the plastic manufacturing sector, it is becoming imperative for organizations to equip themselves with the latest and most effective technologies in the market. In order to assist such companies in shoring up their capabilities, we have compiled this issue of Manufacturing Outlook. In this edition, we have listed the 10 best plastic tech solution providers and services companies to highlight the ones that can help you escalate your chances of success. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted emerging companies and service providers are transforming the plastic industry at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts and CXOs on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of Manufacturing Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Manufacturing Outlook’s “10 Best Plastic Tech Service Companies - 2021.”


    Plastic Tech Services Companies

  • Dynisco is known for its robust sensing and polymer testing equipment that delivers accurate information for measuring pressure, temperature, and viscosity, among others.

  • Since 1984, the company has been driven by the mission to become a pioneering global solution provider for antimicrobial additives for polymers along with odor control and sanitization solutions. The company’s groundbreaking technologies work on any substrates to offer lasting protection against degradation and odor-causing bacterial growth.Microban currently offers over 25 approved antimicrobial technologies that can be formulated into polymer pellets, powders, or liquids. The company’s customized chemistries are incorporated into plastic products to offer ongoing protection throughout a product’s lifespan. Microban’s technologies can be included in the least logistically impactful way without hindering the manufacturing process

  • Bermar Associates

    Bermar Associates

    Bermar Associates offers the following services in one location: product and tool design, mold building, sampling, production, process development and quality assurance. We specialize in innovative and economical tooling. Bermar's patented mold system uses interchangeable core plates housed within a steel mold base. This system provides versatile, cost-effective "trial" configurations and short-run specialty shapes without the cost of building a full mold. For those interested in production molds, Bermar's team of designers and engineers can take your product from concept to production. We welcome volumes from one to one million pieces.

  • Excel Injection Molding

    Excel Injection Molding

    Excel Injection Molding, Inc. is a custom injection molding company specializing in the development and manufacturing of plastic component parts and products. Our objective is to provide our customers with a competitive advantage in their industries. We accomplish this by assisting with great product design and development and by delivering exceptional quality, service, and on-time delivery at a fair price. We have assisted our customers in bringing innovative products from concept to market for a wide variety of industries including electrical, water filtration, appliance, lawn & garden, medical, lighting, consumer products, building & construction, and recreational products. Our experienced team can help you make your ideas a reality.

  • Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering

    Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering

    Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering is a full service supplier for the plastics and tooling industries. Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering is a family owned and operated business who values its team members'​ service, dedication and commitment to superior quality engineering and mold making. From concept to launch, small tool packages to entire vehicle platforms, Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering possesses the vision, leadership, experience and resources necessary to make your program a success. Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering maintains strategic alliances with multiple global partners providing our customers cost effective solutions and single point management for major programs. Recognized as an industry leader and a full service supplier for the plastics and tooling industries, we execute the most challenging programs with continuous innovation.

  • Moldamatic


    For over 50 years Moldamatic has been focused on providing our customers with world class injection molded plastic products and services. We are a quality driven, customer focused, and experienced full-service injection molder. Our customers range from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. We serve multiple vertical industries and have historically been proven to be very competitive in today’s demanding marketplace offering a myriad of injection molded solutions. Moldamatic, LLC prides itself on all our services being available under one roof. When our customers take advantage of this option we are better able to maintain a standard of quality that surpasses our competitors. However, we are with our customers through every step of the process, whether they decide to stay in house or outsource to one of our trusted offshore partners.

  • Niche Polymer

    Niche Polymer

    Niche Polymer is a custom compounder and toll processor for engineering resins providing a wide array of proprietary thermoplastic compounds such as nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polystyrene, ABS and PCABS. Whether it’s providing additional value for our customer’s industrial waste or formulating niche compounds for end use applications, Niche will be there to ensure that our partners receive ecologically and technologically sound products that can have effective alternate uses. Our Mission is to constantly engage and find greener solutions with the manufacturers, injection molders, and toll processors to prevent post-consumer waste from reaching landfills. Niche Polymer embraces continuous improvements in technology to improve costs, quality, service, and value while working in tandem with our customers to achieve mutual and continuous success. Niche is a pro-active and constructive member of the community through its contributions to protect the environment.

  • Plastex Manufacturing

    Plastex Manufacturing

    Plastex Manufacturing is a fully integrated plastics design, repair, and manufacturing corporatio

  • Precision Machined Components

    Precision Machined Components

    PMC specializes in Vespel Plastic Machining. At PMC, we will help you determine what type of plastic product is best suited for your specific needs. PMC professionals know how to assist you with details and specifications that must be considered in product selections. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and PMC will go that extra mile to ensure that you receive quality parts, service, and delivery.

  • Tycom Recycling

    Tycom Recycling

    Tycom Recycling Inc. is a plastics processor specializing in the size reduction of scrap and molded components with thirty years of experience in processing and recycling management. Creative solutions, customer service, and fair pricing have been the building blocks of the company since its inception in 1995. Tycom is a proactive company based in Rochester, New York. Building on a local recycling presence, our customers and markets reach out across the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, France and China. We provide Industry with outlets for surplus products and materials. Individual services or complete closed loop recycling programs can be tailored to fit a customer’s needs. Toll grinding, separation, security destruction and brokering are just a few of the services available. A custom recycling program can be developed for your company. A large percentage of our customers require toll processing. This is where plastic by-products are processed and returned back for reuse into the original products of the manufacturer. These programs require stringent quality procedures to ensure a clean consistent material.

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